Supervising & Management the Implementation of Industrial Projects

  • Overseeing the initial drawings of the buildings needed for the project and spaces which had been prepared by the contractor and supervise the distribution of the machines and production lines at the site and its energy needs and supervise the implementation of schemes based on what the equipment manufacturer.
  • Overseeing the contract with the manufacturer of the machines and production lines .
  • Supervision of machines and production lines manufacturing process to ensure compliance with the specifications and quality assurance .
  • Supervise the receipt of machines and production lines in the manufacturer's site and receive at the client site .
  • Supervision on shipping and customs clearance and internal shipping process.
  • Supervise the download machinery and arrange them in place according to the charts.
  • Supervise the assembly of machinery before Engineering and technicians manufacturer.
  • To oversee the trial run.
  • Supervise the training of cadres of production and maintenance by Engineering and technicians manufacturer.
  • overseeing the operation of machinery for commercial production
  • delivery of the project and related documents such as catalogs and guarantees , charts and project closure.

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