About Company

A company specializing in the development of industrial projects and provide consulting and engineering services and executive, from finding investment opportunities appropriate to the needs and requirements of the market through the preparation of economic and technical studies and the end of overseeing the implementation of the project or fully implemented a turnkey manner.

What do we excel:

Company develop and implement industrial projects according to specifications and clear and supported our customers to ensure excellence and success and reduce mistakes, and make the integration of industrial opportunities which we bring a way to provide safety for the investor to guarantee him this integration availability of raw materials and ready market for its finished products .

Our Services:

The company offers its services for the development of industrial projects in an integrated manner from providing investment opportunities appropriate to the needs of the market, through the preparation of feasibility studies, technical feasibility, and the choice of technology and sources of equipment, and the organization of the contracting process, and oversee the implementation and access to safe and efficient operation and Model project, or fully implemented styleturnkey, and characterized by providing investment opportunity on the basis of industrial integration to provide this safety to the investor so that it is available raw materials and find a guaranteed market for the final product.

The meaning of the word "Alokab" | In English "Eagle":

Alokab is considered one of the wild birds that has honor and prestige in the imagination of the Arabs, because it is a strong bird that only eats from its hunting. His eyes are pierced and mentioned by parable, and symbolizes strength and courage. His name was used as a symbol of bravery and power, as well as in the slogans of many nations.

The word "Alokab" symbolizes the vision of the company to be the first reference to consultancy and industrial development at the local and global level, through the true partnership to succeed and raise the quality of its services and products offered through interactive systems and platforms.

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