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Establishing for Success

  • analysis and evaluation of investment opportunities
  • Developing new investment opportunities
  • Create business models for the proposed opportunities

Developing innovative business models

Integrated and innovative business models that are viable and sustainable


  • Prepare plans
  • Design structures and procedures
  • Provide resources and ensure their availability


  • Initial studies for projects
  • Detailed feasibility studies
  • Logistical studies
  • Development of industrial cluster models
  • Development of strategic partnerships
  • Analysis and selection of technologies.

Operating & Management

  • Operating and managing incubators and business accelerators
  • Operation and management of factories
  • Operation and management of government programs


  • Internal and external training for companies and factories
  • Increasing and qualifying capacities
  • Development of training and qualification modules and programs


  • Calculating costs
  • Design pricing models
  • Loss analysis and solution model development
  • Development of feedback models and product testing mechanism
  • Quality control
  • Develop automation models and reduce operational costs
  • Digital transformation

Supervising and monitoring performance

  • Supervising the implementation of projects
  • Supervising the examination of equipment and machinery in the land of the banquet and at the project site (SAT & FAT)
  • Supervising the installation and erection process
  • Supervising the operation and training process
  • Continuous supervision of production processes
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  • دردشة حية
  • تواصل معنا

Our story

The company has developed rapidly since its inception in 2000; The beginning was by providing services to supply equipment, production lines, install and operate factories, supply raw materials, in addition to maintenance services for small factories. But it was only the beginning, the vision is beyond that. The company was restructured and innovative consulting services developed; This is based on the needs of the local and global market, and thus advanced industrial consulting has become the main focus of work; Where a package of advisory services is provided throughout the life of the project, starting from the analysis of investment opportunities to project implementation and post-operation services; Hence the company motto at this stage (With you from planning to production).


Today Alokab has extensive experience in most business sectors; By virtue of its development of many investment projects, and its conducting a large number of detailed, specialized economic studies, in addition to providing various consulting services, which are today essential for the government sector in particular.

Agriculture and fisheries

Natural resources are heavily sponsored by the government sector; Consequently, investment is directed in this direction, and the possible facilities are provided, so the company deliberately included the agriculture and fisheries sector within the scope of the distinctive services for which consultations are specially provided. For the punishment of previous work in the fisheries sector and fish farming projects.

Disaster recovery

Failure to properly plan, develop alternative plans, and build an emergency model that greatly reduces the repercussions of disasters; There are many companies that appear to have fatal problems at critical times; And the costs of recovery are not simple because there are no alternative plans nor a clear picture of the size of the problem and its repercussions. Alokab is well aware of this critical situation; Where consulting in this case is the antidote; Therefore, the company conducts a rapid analysis of the current situation and makes recommendations related to plans and timetables for rapid disaster recovery.

Digital Transformation

It is no secret that the tremendous and accelerating development in the information technology sector and digital transformation, as the modern era has become the era of digital transformation in all sectors, especially since this transformation has positive effects significantly on all areas of investment; Therefore, the company devoted a large part of its interest in this sector through a specialized and long-experienced team.

Operating & management

Investment project owners suffer from major operating problems; Whether it is the initial operation of a new project, or an effective restart of the project and overcoming obstacles; In this field, the company provides advice for decision-makers; Where business models and scenarios are provided supported by plans and methodologies to solve existing problems; And after doing a careful analysis to diagnose problems.


The company has developed many studies in the mining sector, such as activated charcoal projects, and distinctive investment opportunities have been developed for many investors; The mining sector is one of the important sectors and a major resource in many countries, and thus it constitutes a major source of income and attracting investors.


The economy of countries is based primarily on industry. Where industry is considered one of the criteria for evaluating the level of progress and advancement of countries, the beginning of the company was with the industry; Where the focus was on developing industrial investment opportunities, through the development of feasibility studies, access to implementation and supervision, and the provision of post-operation consulting services.

Logistics services

Logistics services are the backbone of projects, no project is without logistics services, or can succeed without it; It completes the business cycle. Therefore, the company brought great experiences in this field; Developing innovative business models and finding logistical solutions for different sectors. Custom logistics business models are also built, and methodologies are presented as strategic and long-term solutions.

Business governance

Governance of the work of the administrative councils of any body or institution is a means or a targeted tool to help it achieve its set goals efficiently and effectively, by assisting in the implementation of plans and decision-making, determining the role of individuals and granting administrative powers through tight organizational structures, and enhancing transparency and oversight to preserve the rights of their owners. The interests and related parties, and achieving harmony between the various units and activities, and avoiding overlap, duplication, bottlenecks, and so on.

Customer Experience

Customer care is a priority for companies and sectors; Especially since the customer’s satisfaction and feedback from the level of services provided to them is more significant in improving services in general and building appropriate business plans. The customer experience is an important measure to know the efficiency of the business model and the provision of services in all its forms. Therefore, Alokab has focused on providing consulting services to improve and develop the customer's experience, which will greatly affect the service provider.

Establishing and operating transformation offices

Transformation are profound, fundamental, often drastic changes in the mission, strategy, structures, systems, and culture of the organization, rather than incremental change and improvement.

Business size

Over the years of experience and the company's business journey, we have worked with all sizes of business sectors, from projects and small companies to the government sector. This differentiation in the work sectors provided a great and varied experience for the company and the work team. The company has made ready to provide its advisory services to all sectors with high quality.

Our services are as per business needs

Alokab provides its services with a methodology consisting of seven stages that consider business needs; It is essential for the development of businesses and companies in general and the sustainability of their success. Alokab has required long experiences of more than 20 years in the labor market to develop and crystallize it, and it is a continuous process that will never stop. To clearly and continuously reflect the dynamics and development of the company and its entrepreneurial identity.

Valuation and due diligence

Valuation and due diligence

Many of the existing businesses and projects require evaluation of many of their methodologies, tools, quality, and other aspects of the project; Evaluation is a very important process so that the project owner knows where he is now, the distance between him and the competitors, how big the gap is, and what are the problems that limit his achievement of his goals. To help these companies, Alokab provides an evaluation and care service for companies that includes assessing the current situation and analyzing the data accurately And then give recommendations with real action plans, to get out of any crisis.
Management and strategies

Management and strategies

[Failure to plan is planning to fail] Among the most prominent business needs are strategic plans, correct business models, and implementation methodologies. The company offers strategic plans and business models in an innovative way to be long-term solutions for businesses in all sectors. Project management requires good experience in dealing with crises as well as the ability to devise new solutions that suit the challenges, not just management in traditional methods that are governed by centralization that lead to obstructing work procedures and determining efficiency, and thus this is reflected in the quality of work.
Education and training

Education and training

Training is an unfinished process; In the most important tool for continuously developing employee performance and improving their skills, so no company can do without training and education; In the recent period, modern training techniques have appeared and keep abreast of any new developments; Especially since the human element in the company is one of the most important elements and should be taken care of to the utmost extent. And because the topic is of great importance and is considered an important part of the consultations that Alokab provides, it has recently been developing its training techniques and creating a special platform for that.
Business and startups

Business and startups

Startups need great support in all respects. It needs effective advice that it delivers to safety, which is represented by success and sustainability, and to obtain the required quality in the services provided. Therefore, the company paid attention to this important aspect of the business, especially since the company is considered one of the pioneering companies, and its founders are leaders of the first degree; Consequently, it pays great attention to emerging companies and businesses and provides them with tools to facilitate their business along the journey of building their projects.
IT and digital transformation

IT and digital transformation

One of the most advanced and accelerating sectors at the present time is the information technology sector, where digital transformation has become one of the most prominent strategies that companies are currently working on and to a large extent, and they give priority to what they think of the importance of this in raising work efficiency, rationalizing resources, and improving quality; Alokab Company is not far from the field, as it is also one of the first companies for digital transformation, and to increase the quality and diversity of its services, it provides advanced consultations in this field because it is a great need and for a large segment of the market.
Big data and artificial intelligence

Big data and artificial intelligence

It is no secret to anyone that we live in an era teeming with varied and highly renewable data, and in a steady acceleration, big data has become an important capital for many companies, as it is the raw material through which they conclude, analyze and come up with decisions based on accurate data, and for this they rely on intelligence algorithms Industry to analyze data accurately; This field is of great interest to Alokab, as it is constantly developing its platforms and updating them to keep pace with the latest data analysis techniques.
Innovation & Development

Innovation & Development

Some solutions cannot be traditional; Or specific modifications, but there must be an innovation of something new, innovation of a business model, innovation methodology. In order to get out of the current situation of the better situation and in a high-quality way, Alokab has many innovations in the form of methodologies and business models, as well as algorithms to accomplish many works and tasks in an intelligent way; And access to exceptional solutions.
Engineering and quality assurance

Engineering and quality assurance

Quality is one of the most frequently used words in projects and companies, whether they have products or services, it is one of the biggest criteria for success and marketing of the project, so the responsible people and decision-makers attach great importance to it, and a department in the company is allocated to control quality at the disposal of an integrated work team. Alokab, like other companies, is also very interested in quality management and control and provides its advisory services in this area with a different vision.
Crisis management and recovery

Crisis management and recovery

One of the most common causes of failure for projects is poor crisis management, as the crisis is a very critical period and needs high-quality consultations and great experiences to break the bottleneck. This is what Alokab does, as it manages the crisis in a correct way to turn it into an opportunity. And this is through the use of special methodologies to deal with crises, as well as there are tools and smart platforms that use the latest data analysis techniques to reach viable solutions.

Recent Insights

إستراتيجيات التسعير

إستراتيجيات التسعير

بدأت أولى عمليات التسعير حينما أجرى الإنسان القديم أوّل عملية مقايضة.. لكن الحياة تعقّدت اليوم! كان على من يقوم بعملية المقايضة أن يحدد قيمة سلعته بناءً على عدة عوامل ثم يستبدلها بسلعة يحتاجها، بحيثُ تكون لها قيمة مساوية لما يملك؛ إذن ببساطة التسعير هو أن تحدد لمنتجك سعراً مادياً، من خلال عملية تقييم شاملة على عدة مستويات، واختيار قيمة لها (بالإنجليزيّة: Value) وإقناع الزبون أن هذا المنتج أو تلك الخدمة تستحق أن يضحي من أجلها بمبلغٍ ماليّ (أو بالأحرى قيمة مماثلة) للحصول عليها.
The 4th industry and its relationship to digital transformation

The 4th industry and its relationship to digital transformation

The Industrial Revolution is a name that has been repeated since ancient times, and each of its stages has different developments, until we reached the Fourth Industrial Revolution in its different form from the rest of the other revolutions, since the beginning of the eighteenth century, industrial life has witnessed a set of changes as a result of the emergence of technological devices that contributed greatly to the progress Industry.
The role of the 4th industry and digital transformation in the success of economic projects

The role of the 4th industry and digital transformation in the success of economic projects

Are you ready to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution? By consumer adoption of new technology and technological advances - in broadband networking, cloud-based computing and storage, and sensor technology, it is now driving fundamental market shifts and a new wave of digitally driven disruption.

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