Terms and Conditions

Your privacy is important to us at Alokab Consulting, and we undertake every reasonable effort and action to protect the privacy of your data.
Please find below our terms and conditions related to data privacy:

  1. Alokab Consulting is fully committed to securing the privacy and secrecy of your usage of our platforms. Every required action is taken to keep your data safe and away from unauthorized use. If you suspect any unauthorized use of your information, please contact us immediately on: info@Alokab.co
  2. Alokab Consulting shall never use any user data in an illegal and/or unauthorized manner, so please keep your information up to date when necessary.
  3. Alokab Consulting enters into international partnerships and agreements on a regular basis, with the aim of improving its products and services. While these agreements help us add new services to our valued customers, we ensure that they imply no change of our data privacy policy.
  4. Alokab Consulting takes all possible precautions to ensure that its potential partners share an equal respect of user data privacy.
  5. We take all necessary precautions regarding the storage of user data, and apply the international best practices in this regard.
  6. Our system does not allow our staff and contractors to access your private data, including usernames and passwords.

For suggestions and information, please contact us: info@Alokab.co

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