Project’s Structure Design study and it’s internal structure

This study aims to present the whole structure for every required internal procedure at the project that related to adjust and monitor transferring, distributing, and resources flow for all operations, even if it was materials, labors, information or instructions.

This study analyzes all the factors that effect on the project’s efficiency in order to reach the best status at every single detail in the project, such as (Production efficiency, absorption efficiency, economic efficiency, development efficiency).

Factors influencing the study:

  • Calculate the long-term development for designing the project’s abilities and powers and calculate the quantities accurately.
  • Warehouses traffic and growth rates.
  • The continuous changes in market traffic.
  • The changes in the nature of the supplier’s and client’s needs.

The provided services:

  • Location analyzing study.
  • Internal designing and planning study (spaces distribution, corridors designing, equipment identification).
  • Capacity Calculation Study.
  • Feasibility study for the schemas, designs, and the technologies, and determine the economic return of each, then choosing the best one.
  • Communicating with suppliers and provide technical consultations and the technology used in choosing the best option.
  • Monitor and supervise the implementation and monitoring the specifications and standards in the implementation and initial operating phase.
  • Training and project’s development follow-up.

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