Logistics planning

The need for logistics services is not limited in the current time only to ensure smooth operational procedures within the company but is also expected to meet customer’s requirements and delivery obligations in shorter time periods than ever before. Effective logistics for us means achieving all the transport, storage and provisioning tasks in a way that is oriented towards providing service and resources that helps in providing an economic benefit to our customers.

Our experience in logistics planning extends from the conceptual design of the new logistics systems of factories and facilities restrictions in order to raise their performance:

  • Developing an efficient and effective logistics strategies.
  • Factory structure planning including internal and external traffic.
  • Logistics planning and distribution centers.
  • Logistics systems planning (intralogistics).
  • Material flow planning for logistics and production environments.

In this way, we help service providers, businesses and industrial enterprises in their efforts to design their logistics structures and operations efficiently in a Service-oriented manner.

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