Comprehensive design

Based on our customer needs and requirements as described above, we develop an alternative design for logistics systems. These alternatives work to combine appropriate processes and systems into comprehensive solutions in different ways. Our approach goes far beyond the technological field because we are aware of that profitability is necessary for success. We guarantee the profitability of your logistics system by identifying the necessary investment costs in parallel with the operating costs resulting from the implementation of any of our solutions. In this way, we build effective solutions that are fully compatible with the needs of our customers.

In order to ensure smooth, high-quality planning, we put in place master prices plans that integrate all aspects of your project - through actual implementation.

Supply chain development - for success “by design” We help companies to design their own supply chains. The Key features of our approach include:

  • The understanding of supply chain in terms of performance and cost, as well as the legal aspects (related to taxes, customs duties, etc.).
  • Designing an efficient supply chain structure based on the mixed product’s differences or market coverage, regional expansion or integration of additional organizational units.
  • Analysis and scenario-based assessment of growth options at the crossroads of market requirements and existing supply chain structures.
  • Identify the service and locate the cost structure of the supply chain by simulating alternative structures.
  • Identify the potential short-term cost savings within the supply chain organization along with the most effective savings measures, without sacrificing quality of service.
  • Maximizing the potential of the transport organization by implementing the most effective measures to improve delivery structures and road planning.
  • Improve your own supply chain.

Our experts will be committed to providing you with advice and support in designing and improving your supply chain structure. And to achieve that goal, we will start with processing and measuring the complexity of your value addition processes, and then we will organize and arrange the construction development units to design a comprehensive your own supply chain.

Our comprehensive analysis will not only help you improve your quality and delivery capabilities, but also reduce your equity capital and increase your investment efficiency.

In order to be able to take all these aspects into account in designing the supply chain networks and to measure their impact in future market fluctuations, we are creating computer models of supply chains for our customers. We can review and compare design alternatives to a variety of business situations and ask the right questions:

  • How will the future supply chain act in a dynamic market and a competitive environment?
  • What delivery service can be guaranteed by the supply chain?
  • What is the total cost of the supply chain?
  • What is the potential cost savings?
  • And how can it be achieved?

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