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The concept of human resources is a space cognitive and applied a novel, or can be considered a new concept for "traditional" human resources, where are the most important success factors and contemporary institutions referred to in many cases human capital Personnel. And studies indicating that companies that have made significant and tangible success in its field to the companies that manage human resources, which attaches great importance to developing the existing human resources and manage optimally have been conducted. Human resources are concerned with all activities aimed at "people development" and which in turn paves the way for the success of the company.

Of the most important functions of human resources are the management staff movements, Whether to inside - from recruitment or upgrade- or abroad, such as retirement, so be on the human resources manager that knows how to have a good to get the human resources, and how can the distribution of human resources within the company and abroad.

A look to the future in the world of organizations and institutions requires the use of strategic planning and human resources as a tool to read and look to the future in terms of it one of the pillars of the administrative system, which culminate in the successful path of the institution and a cornerstone of the main indicator of progress.

Alokab company, offering a new and unique service of providing human resources, industrial technical and administrative trained and specialized needs of our customers in their factories and their projects through a huge database compiled by the company on a dedicated site on the net base, it includes a large number of resumes and information related to those cadres after filtered and studied by the company and the adoption of the right ones.

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