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Importance of marketing:

  • The importance of marketing is no less important to the industrial enterprises of the importance of production, where there is no value of production at all without the marketing process and sell it. Up the cost of marketing the product in many cases up to 50% of the product sale price roughly equivalent to the cost of production, causing him to have the same cultural importance of the production.
  • multiple windows of the external environment of the organization on the markets where changing consumer tastes and different markets and change the size of the competition resulting in a change in the size of your product sale organization.
  • Marketing share of goods and services for each member of the society provides affecting the progress of the individual in society and the level of well-being.
  • Marketing provides career opportunities for individuals in the community through what it needs from labor in many different activities and functions not only limited to marketing, but extends to other places in the production and design departments and other departments.
  • face competition in local markets by foreign companies and multinationals.
  • access to international markets by identifying marketing opportunities available in this market.

The most prominent marketing goals:

  • maximize sales in the markets of the organization.
  • achieve a certain rate of gains resulting from the sale.
  • achieve the highest possible level of consumer satisfaction.
  • Keep the competitive position of the organization and development if possible.
  • The discovery of the desires and needs of consumers of goods and services and to provide and satisfy these needs as much as possible.

So, Alokab company provides integrated solutions for marketing as a service support to customers Among these solutions market studies, and provide tools to help the process of marketing and make way for our customers to use the rich and massive marketing their products and services our database. Thus, the Company develop and implement industrial projects according to specifications and clear and supported our customers to ensure excellence and success and reduce mistakes, and make the integration of industrial opportunities which we bring a way to provide safety for the investor.

The company is preparing a market study of the projects , products or services in general, depending on the methods of research and study advanced in this field , using information technology and bank information available the company or the information that is available to the various statistical services in the region devices where the company analysis full data on the subject quantitative analysis or qualitative both depending on the nature of the study information and results that require access.

And the methods adopted by the company in supplying the market study and realistic information, is a field research using questionnaires based on the latest statistical methods and software used globally in this area for the purpose of analysis or as a kind both, according to the study.

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