Industrial Training (Technical & Administrative)

Training is of great importance in the times in which we live. The scientific and technological development is so fast that we constantly need to learn new skills and science. There is no clearer example of months or from your computer quick and developments so new that we need to learn in this area probably every week. Look at the evolution of Administrative Sciences and the impact of globalization on management concepts. In the industry, we find that technological development makes us obliged to use sophisticated equipment and therefore we need to we train them.

But training is not only to science and knowledge and modern techniques associated with training, but has other reasons. The most important of these reasons to strengthen our weaknesses, or the employees of an organization and less of their competence to perform their work. The origin of these weaknesses may be poor education, or the difference between education and work requirements or change career path. Many of us when life begins the process discovers that he was not aware of the reports do not have to work to organize meetings and labor laws and the methods of analysis problems. Therefore, there is a lot of weaknesses that we need to strengthen training. Often see managers mock the skills of new graduates and are content to talk about the weakness of their level and style of this building is and is not respectable. If we tried to train them, we may discover that they have a great capacity and will benefit a lot of work and will have a lot of loyalty to the institution that gave them training opportunities as well as have a lot of appreciation for their managers who were interested Pettmnah skills.

Preparing training programs is one of the distinctive services offered by the company punishment for industrial development and, in particular, it offers to investors in the new industries which will be held based on the punishment company studies and in areas that relate to the following cadres:

  • investors and managers for the purpose of investment leadership successfully.
  • artistic and productive staff in projects for the purpose of training on production and adherence to specifications and maintenance work.
  • industrial administrative staff.

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