Development of Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnership is the method used by institutions and companies to cooperate with each other to carry out a specific project with the jurisdiction, and this provision and to intensify efforts and competencies as well as the necessary means and capabilities to help start the implementation of the project or activity with bear all the burdens and risks that result from this partnership as a neutral between the partners.

The idea of ​​cooperation is not born today or strange phenomenon on the international economic community, but is inherent due to the dependence on the principle of shared interests and mutual between states, but the principle of partnership between economic institutions as a strategy for the evolution and development has not been given attention only in recent years where he has become a key factor in development of economic enterprise, especially given the rapid development of the general vicinity of the international economy in which the lives and economic institution.

So Alokab company for Industrial Development research and negotiate with global strategic partners for the following partnerships:

  • Market Partnerships
  • Technical partnerships
  • Operating Partnerships
  • Financial partnerships

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