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Supply chain is the system of organizations, people, technology, activities, information and resources needed to move products or services from suppliers to customers. Activities of the supply chain that converts natural resources and raw materials and components to the final product that is delivered to the end customer through advanced systems.

There are three main parts of the supply chain:

  • Supply: and focuses on the raw materials that supply the manufacturer, including how, when and where.
  • Manufacturing: it focuses on converting raw materials to finished goods.
  • Distribution: it focuses on ensuring that these products reach consumers through a network of distributors and stores and retailers.

To ensure that the supply chain works efficiently as possible and to generate the highest level of customer satisfaction at the lowest cost, the company is working to build and manage a smooth entire supply (raw materials, production lines and machines, and packaging, .. etc) and management to ensure the continued operation of the project and to ensure the provision of materials appropriate raw and at affordable prices to reduce costs .orf competitiveness.

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