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Many questions revolve in the mind of the thinking of breaking into the world of industrial investment - or other - which may take questions from the investor a great deal of his mind, and time, and effort before reaching a final decision in the trend to invest in a particular area, and in a particular industry. These and other questions may not be answered by standing real obstacle to the investor, which may be swayed by that did not find her answers. In order to reach the project owner to trust and take decisions properly in the beginning of the project and reduce risks and losses in the future, we must strive to collect large amount of information before it reaches the stage of implementation, and this information contributes to the proper planning and increase the chance of success. Alokab Consulting Company trying to engage investors new thinking and planning, and provide them with professional services, to reach them answers and solutions to put them in the first way to create a successful industrial project and with minimal effort and risk possible.

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