Goals & Values

Alokab Goals:

  • Raise the level of industry in particular and the overall investment in the region.
  • Securing industrial investment opportunities in accordance with the needs of the market and according to scientific methodology and analytical readings close to the reality of the market.
  • Supplying the local market and the regional industrial projects, distinctive and influential in a positive way in the region's economy.
  • Create a distinctive business opportunities through the development of industrial projects.
  • The development of the industrial sector and strengthened significantly, at a time when our region from a big deficit in this area and little experience.
  • Investors' awareness of the importance of investment in the industrial field.
  • Connecting some of the projects with environmental development.
  • The development of small industrial enterprises sector and provide beneficial projects and yield acceptable. \


Partners for success and excellence and summarized as follows:

  • Partnership for success and responsibility.
  • The customer is always right.
  • To provide the best service to customers ranging from the idea of the project until marketed.
  • Investment with customers to create a real success stories.
  • Maintain the quality of health and safety and the environment.
  • Success of your project our true value

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